Truss Products

Traditional and Non-Traditional Roof and Floor Trusses

From the simplest of back yard sheds to the most sophisticated of architectural structures, trusses provide the maximum of coverage and protection at the most reasonable cost.  Compared to conventional framing approaches, trusses:

  • Reduce on-site labor, space and waste.
  • Span greater distances while using less lumber.
  • Eliminate unnecessary or the need for undesired bearing points.
  • Allow for greater flexibility of ceiling and roofline profiles.
  • Lend themselves better to Just-In-Time (JIT) construction practices.
  • Allow for / can be designed with reinforcements or openings that will work in conjunction with HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems.
  • Engineered components with specific design values that fit with goals related to ‘complete structure engineering

To get the quality of structure with the skyline and/or ceiling detail that you desire, roof trusses are the obvious choice.

CRT builds wood trusses from the highest quality materials in spans up to 80 feet.  They can be designed specifically for agricultural, commercial, municipal, or residential use.

For complete coverage of the benefits of structural components, please reference the following write-up constructed by SBCA and their findings when comparing structural components to conventional framing: Framing the American Dream – by SBCA

Roof Trusses

Roof truss systems provide architectural versatility affording virtually unlimited aesthetic and functional design capability. Clear Spans. Allows complete interior partitioning and room arrangement flexibility. Clear spans to 80′ are common. Economy. Labor savings due to light weight, ease of installation with job site labor, no field cutting or trimming, open webs, fast close-in, result in overall lower in-place cost.

Floor Trusses

A 4×2 floor truss system provides longer, stronger clear spans and greater design flexibility in locating bearing walls and partitions. Because the floor truss system can be spaced farther apart, fewer are needed. Delivered to the job site ready for installation, the lightweight, rigid floor trusses go up easily and quickly, often without the use of a crane.

Wide (3 1/2″), nailable top and bottom chords speed placement of decking and ceiling material without the need of special fasteners or clips. Mechanicals are installed quickly through the opening between webs without notching or furring. Tradesmen are on and off the job faster resulting in earlier completion dates and lower on-site labor costs.

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Truss Products